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Saturday, May 30 2020
Soothing Herbal Infusions

This time of year, herbal infusions can be just the ticket for soothing itchy insect bites and painful sunburns.  My favorite infusion is made by soaking herbs in witch hazel, which has tannins in it, helping to reduce swelling and speed healing.  You can use either fresh or dried herbs, however, I prefer dried herbs to make my infusions super saturated and potent! 

Lavender is a great addition to a summer infusion since not only does it help relieve the discomfort of a sunburn or insect bite, but it also has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  Calendula is often used to heal and soothe skin irritations and Basil is helpful in relieving sunburn pain.  Lastly, Lemon Balm with its high antibacterial activity is also widely used to soothe skin irritations and therefore, a good herb to have in a summer, skin soothing infusion.   

Below are the simple instructions for making your own soothing herbal infusion, just in time for Summer!


          • Place 1 cup of Dried Herbs into glass jar.
            • For soothing blend, use equal parts Lavender, Lemon Balm, Basil and Calendula.

          • Cover Herbs with Witchhazel (86% Witchhazel Extract-14% Alcohol)
            • Make sure Witchhazel covers 1-2 inches above herbs.

          • Shake jar occasionally and allow to infuse in dark place for 2 weeks.

          • Strain into dark colored glass bottle and add a few drops of lavender essential oil.
            • Store away from sunlight and use within 6 months.




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