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Sunday, April 12 2020
Meditating with Herbs

Some days I can carve out a delicious 30 minutes to relax my mind and reopen the creative energy pathways.  Other days I may only have a few moments to take a deep breath in and slowly exhale, letting it all go.  Whether it's a few precious moments or a rock-solid chunk of time, my favorite meditation is to focus the in-breath on "Peace" and the out-breath on "Love."   Breathe in Peace.   Breathe out Love.  Maybe you already have a quiet peaceful room or corner of your home designated for Zen time.  But have you ever thought about adding herbs or aromatherapy to your meditation to purify and focus your intentions?  Adding fragrant herbs in a bouquet or using essential oils can be a fantastic method to enhance your efforts and energy in your meditation space.     I love to incorporate lavender incense, lavender candles or squeeze a lavender stress ball during my meditation practice.  Since lavender holds calming properties and can ease my mind into a relaxed state, using lavender while meditating gets me ready to receive insight and enlightenment.  Further, if you are feeling restless and struggling with simply being still, lavender is a wonderful fragrance to inhale to calm your senses and clear your mind.  Here are some herbs you might like to bring into your meditation space to help fine-tune your focus and intensify your efforts.   

Lavender:  Antianxiety, Antidepressant, Relaxant

Lavender is so perfect for meditation because its properties can calm and clear your mind and help you to receive enlightenment from meditation.  It also helps balance you, so if you are feeling restless or fidgeting during a meditation session, lavender can help soothe your senses and bring your mind and body back into focused relaxation.   Lavender is also a wonderful herb to enjoy during meditation because it helps unblock the third eye chakra; the chakra associated with intuition.   

Chamomile:  Relaxant

This herb is renowned for relaxation and inner peace. Chamomile produces a sense of calm, which can guide you to settle into your meditation, especially if you have been feeling tension and stress.  A wonderful way to feel the full benefits of chamomile is to enjoy a cup of chamomile tea before your meditation practice. 

Gotu Kola:  Stress Reduction

Gotu Kola is often used by yogis before meditation in either a tincture or tea form to encourage balance in the nervous system.  Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system helps return the body back to balance, especially if experiencing stress.  Further, gotu kola is also believed to stimulates the crown chakra, associated with spiritual connection.  

Thyme:  Improve Communication

Thyme is said to improve communication by opening energy blockage in the throat chakra.  The throat chakra is associated with vocal expression.

Lemongrass:  Antianxiety

Sipping lemongrass tea or smelling lemongrass essential oil may help some people suffering from anxiety. Lemongrass is also believed to help with procrastination.  Therefore, drinking lemongrass tea or inhaling the fragrance can give you a sense of clarity and focus during your meditation and assist in boosting productivity afterwards.

Rosemary:  Concentration, Mental Clarity

Incorporating fresh rosemary sprigs or using rosemary essential oil is said to create uplifting thoughts and improve concentration.  Therefore, pairing rosemary with a positive affirmation has potential compounding benefits.  Another fantastic trait worth mentioning  is this herb's connection with the third eye chakra.   It is believed that rosemary helps open the third eye chakra by removing energy blocks associated with insight and intuition. 

Ginger:  Boost Mood, Reduce Stress

Ginger tea has been used not only to soothe one's stomach, but also to relieve frustration and anger. By helping us release negative emotions, ginger can boost our mood and  bring a sense of inner peace.  Because ginger is also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory,  it can have a positive effect on our mood by reducing and reversing the effects of stress on the body.

Rose:  Relaxation, Encourage Sleep, Pain Reducer

Another powerful antioxidant, drinking rose tea can lift your mood and relieve stress.  Rose essential oil is often used to encourage relaxation and therefore encourage sleep.  Further, rose aromatherapy can also help relieve pain.  In your meditation space, a bouquet of roses or a rose scented candle can help open the heart chakra, encouraging more compassion and inviting more love into your life.

Peppermint:  Relaxation, Refreshing, Creativity 

Peppermint is known for its uplifting and refreshing qualities.  Peppermint tea before meditation or inhaling the scent of peppermint during your session can boost a sense of replenishment and creativity.  Peppermint is a powerful herb to use when meditating because it assists in restoring balance in the solar-plexus and sacral chakras, connected with self-confidence, sensuality and creativity.

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