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Lavender Stress Balls
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Lavender is often utilized for its stress relieving and soothing qualities.  This essential herb is renowned for its gentle and calming fragrance. 

We are often updating our Blog to share stress management tips and fresh ideas to bring the relaxing benefits of Lavender and other powerful herbs into your life.

  Lavender Stress Balls

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No Oils or Perfumes!
No Oils or Perfumes!

Our Handcrafted Lavender Stress Balls have Fragrant, French Lavender Flowers packed inside.  Not only is the fragrance long lasting, but the more the Lavender Stress Ball is squeezed, the more soothing scent it releases.

12 Best Stress Balls For Anxiety and Stress Relief

By Savannah Jensen and Sarah Morlock

 Lavender Luvies Lavender Stress Balls    -     BEST AROMAS

"The Lavender Luvies Lavender Stress Balls add an extra dimension to your stress-relieving experience. Because the stress balls are filled with fragrant lavender flowers, you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant olfactory element in addition to the ball-squeezing one. This three-ball set includes a blue, green and pink ball which all sport the well-known yin and yang design. They’re ideal for office workers, students, teachers and anyone else who’d appreciate the appealing smell of lavender as they work away their worries."

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